La collezione MARIAFLORA Yachting porta la tradizione tessile del territorio biellese a incontrarsi con la nautica di alto livello, attraverso tessuti selezionati per sposare la massima performance a un'esperienza di lusso che appaghi il desiderio di eleganza e comfort.

100% solution-dyed acrylic

Your lifeline in the sea of real life. We weave our fabrics from a superior selection of 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers. That’s how we make luxury life-proof, to make your life on the water easy as at home.

Mold and Mildew Resistant

Mold and mildew simply don’t grow on our fabrics. Our secret? Un unparalleled breathability.

UV and Fade Resistant

Hard to forget about UV rays, salt and chlorine? Just try our 6-year warranty on color loss.

Stain Resistant and Bleach Cleanable

Leave stubborn stains on shore and weigh anchor to a carefree adventure. Our fabrics know nothing of stubborn stains. All you have to do is brush off dirt and debris with water and bleach.

Aqua, just EXTRA reliable!

Water resistance is the first thing you expect with Yachting fabrics, but we love to surprise you. In addition to standard protections, we designed the Aqua extra-film to deliver an unparalleled imperviousness.

Made in Italy

We are proud to be Italian. Our commitment to the secular culture of Italian excellence is just the soul of what we do every day in our mill in Biella.

Craftsmanship is our mantra

We control every aspect of our manufacturing in our hometown in Biella. Yarns are passed down into the hands of our highly skilled operators every step of the way. That’s why you’re in safe and soft hands with us.

We ship memos daily

We don’t just sell fabrics. We sell services. That is why we internally craft all our memos and ship them daily.

90% of our fabrics are in stock

Always ready to serve you. New productions are available in just 4-5 weeks.